The History of South Dakota Magazine

We were pleased to sit down with Bernie and Katie Hunhoff and have a conversation about the history and success of South Dakota Magazine. Bernie is currently the editor-at-large and Katie is the editor and publisher for the magazine. South Dakota Magazine is the biggest publication in South Dakota and is located in Yankton, South Dakota.

We really do love highlighting the people and their businesses that make South Dakota special and this is no exception. I believe that you will find this video packed with information about South Dakota and what this magazine is all about.

Some of the topics that we cover in this video are:

1. When and how did South Dakota Magazine start?

2. We will discuss East River vs West River and how that started.

3. A sense of place. It seems like almost everyone in South Dakota is connected somehow.

4. Muddy Mo’s Coffee House.

5. Katie and Bernie describe South Dakota Magazine.

6. “Small Town Charm” in South Dakota.

7. What’s next for South Dakota Magazine and Bernie Hunhoff?

8. Bernie and Katie relate their favorite stories from South Dakota Magazine.

Thanks to Katie and Bernie Hunhoff for allowing us at Shore to Shore Realty to bring this video to our viewers. I believe that people living in and around Yankton, SD will find this video interesting. I also believe that viewers who have never heard of South Dakota Magazine or know nothing about South Dakota will be educated and entertained!

To subscribe and/or visit South Dakota Magazine in Yankton, SD:

South Dakota Magazine

410 E Third St Yankton, SD 57078

(800) 456-5117