Weigand Marina Expansion Update

On October 11, 2023 I had a conversation with Nebraska State Senator Barry DeKay in Niobrara, NE at the Country Cafe. Our in-depth conversation focused on the STAR WARS bill which is the bill responsible for funding the expansion project at Weigand Marina on Lewis & Clark Lake and updates being made at the Niobrara State Park. Senator DeKay is a STAR WARS committee member in the Nebraska legislature.

The expansion of Weigand Marina and other issues connected with this expansion, will have a huge effect not only with lake home owners but also visitors to Lewis & Clark Lake going forward. Senator DeKay gives us updates on the Weigand Marina and Niobrara State Park projects. Other topics of interest that are connected with these projects are also discussed and they are listed below. Enjoy the video!

1. Meetings with the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and the Nebraska Game & Parks.

2. What is STAR WARS? STAR WARS Acronym. What projects are included under the STAR WARS bill?

3. Is STAR WARS a new strategy for Nebraska State Parks moving forward?

4. Number of new Boat Slips and the New Restaurant at Weigand Marina.

5. Timeline. Niobrara State Park vs. Weigand Marina and other Lewis & Clark lake areas.

6. The project is underway and includes more Lewis and Clark lake areas than just Weigand Marina.

7. Marina Road 54C Update from State Highway 121 to Miller’s Creek. 8. Cedar Knox Water Project Update.

I want to thank Senator Barry DeKay for meeting with me and giving us updates to the projects listed above. We look forward to meeting with him next year to keep us informed of what is happening in our back yard!

I used the Confluence Architectural futuristic video in parts of this video. This video can be viewed at the Nebraska Game & Parks YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1NTb5aH4jk&list=WL&index=50&t=13s

Find the Nebraska Game and Parks website here: https://outdoornebraska.gov/

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