FEMA Flood Map Changes Update

Recently we attended a public meeting hosted by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to discuss the revised flood plain map for the Yankton, South Dakota area. This provided property owners the opportunity to meet one on one with FEMA representatives. Every so often FEMA will update the flood plain map for an area and Yankton’s new map has been in the process for quite some time.

As Kaye discusses in the video, it is important for a property/home owner to keep up to date on if your property is in a flood plain. Especially if you have a mortgage on your property. Just remember that the new flood plain map for Yankton and the surrounding area is NOT in effect yet but it will be coming down the road.

The link Kaye talked about in this video: Link to FEMA Information

To contact FEMA directly: (877) 336-2627

Our goal is to keep all of our Subscribers up to date on all Real Estate information relative to Yankton, SD and the surrounding area. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel please do. We’ll let you know when the new flood plain map for Yankton becomes effective and give you the information you will need to view the new map. We’d like to hear your comments and any questions you may have.

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