Manufacturing Week in Yankton, South Dakota 2022

Here at Shore to Shore Realty, Kaye and I have represented many buyers relocating to the Yankton area and one of the first things they ask about are available jobs and career paths in Yankton. This video (and the information below) will provide you with all the necessary information you need to find your path to South Dakota! We talk to Office Manager Lacey Johnson with the Yankton South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation and Monte Gulick, President of RETEC in this video. Both are tremendous resources that you can use to make your move to, or improve your current working condition here in Yankton, South Dakota.

In August of 2022, manufacturing facilities in Yankton needed 352 more workers to fill all of the vacancies. These needs included many types of workers. It is amazing to me the number of manufacturing companies, both large and small, that exist in Yankton. There are well over 20 manufacturers to choose your career path! From making this video I learned that Job Opportunity is very high in Yankton. And Lewis & Clark Lake is only 4 miles west of Yankton…

There are many types of Post Secondary (After High School) Financial Assistance through the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation. Even obtaining your GED. Depending on your situation they include assistance to RTEC and Technical Schools in the area. The benefits are plentiful and too vast to mention here. I would recommend contacting Lacey Johnson at the link above. She is always willing to help!

Other benefits of living in South Dakota are:

1) South Dakota has No State Income Tax

2) South Dakota has No Corporate State Income Tax

3) South Dakota has No Property Tax on Vehicles

If you are looking for more direction don’t hesitate to contact us. All of our contact information is listed below. We are Kaye and Scott O’Neal. We own and operate Shore to Shore Realty LLC in Yankton, South Dakota. We are Yankton’s REALTORS┬« of Choice!