Yankton’s Riverboat Days Weekend!

OUR FAVORITE WEEK OF THE YEAR – the week that Riverboat Days Weekend in Yankton starts on Friday!  Scott & I attended our first Riverboat Days Weekend in August of 2007.  We had owned a Nebraska Lewis & Clark Lake property since 2004, but June of 2007 is when we became full-time residents.  Full-time residents.  It has such a nice ring to it!  We were married June 16 that summer in Crofton, Nebraska.  So to attend our first RBD Weekend shortly after we were married and became full-time residents, you could say this was a milestone for us!

We have not missed a Riverboat Days Weekend since our first in 2007.  In 2008 and 2009 we started two businesses, Lewis & Clark Cabin Care, Inc. & Shore to Shore Realty LLC, respectively.  These two businesses made our summers so incredibly hectic, RBD Weekend become a milestone for us each and every summer, the weekend that signified we survived another very busy summer!  Attending RBD Weekend has been like a reward for working our tails off!

Our favorite things at RBD weekend are bumping into people we know, the food, the fireworks on Friday night, the parade on Saturday morning, which always motivates me to own a home on Douglas Avenue someday!  Watching the different entertainment options and, of course, the shopping at all the booths!  See you this weekend at Riverside Park!

Annual Riverboat Days Weekend in Yankton

View the complete schedule and other information at riverboatdays.com