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Lewis & Clark Cabin Care

Our Cabin Care company works hand-in-hand with our Real Estate company. We assess & develop a plan to help you get the best price for your property.


Lewis & Clark Cabin Care, Inc. was established in 2008 and is owned by Scott & Kaye O’Neal. When we started Lewis & Clark Cabin Care our objective was to provide home care services to lake property owners who were part-timers at the Lake. We started out as part-timers at the Lake and due to our experiences with taking care of a lake property from afar, we saw a great need for this type of service.


We have done everything from meeting a repairman at a cabin to let him in to Project Manage a large swimming pool/landscaping/fencing project. In addition to performing home care services, over the past few years Lewis & Clark Cabin Care has evolved into a company that assists Sellers with reviewing their properties prior to going to market. We help Sellers develop a plan to know what needs to be done to best prepare their property to sell, and oftentimes, help them line up vendors who can help them get the work done. When you see our custom detailed Mini Truck around the lake area, you will know we are out taking care of business!

Contact us if you have questions about our cabin care and maintenance services, or are interested in preparing your property to sell!

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